Chris, Photographer, Videographer, he hasn’t decided

 Chris is in the Photography program at Durham College. His main interest is in nature photography. He likes to go out and take pictures of owls. He finds nature photography peaceful. Chris likes to focus on animals even though nature photography is about everything in nature, like Water falls, Mountain landscapes, trees, forests etc.  

 Chris said that he was accepted in to Georgian College for photography as well but decided to come to Durham to get the video aspect too. Even though Chris new he was definitely interested in photography he had a small interest in Video also so taking the acceptance at Durham gave him a chance to explore that more while working on photography.

 Even though Chris is only one semester in he does feel like he knows more about photography now then when he started.

 Chris idolizes Timothy Treadwell because apparently he did what Chris wants to do. Videotape wildlife. Not necessarily bears but wildlife is more than just bears. Chris also idolizes Raymond Barlow a Muskoka nature photographer.